Ocean Electrics specialise in all electrical AC & DC systems from complete new builds to large scale refits and general maintenance. This includes refrigeration, air-conditioning, generators and desalination systems on both private and government vessels. We are not all about the super yachts!

Ocean Electrics began life primarily working on small 12v and 24v boats and we still do. From powering up your new depth sounder and installing secondary battery and charging systems, we do it all!


Ocean Electrics has the ability to create stunning lighting designs for whole room spaces, feature walls, sculpture illumination and underwater lights. We continue to source new technology and designs to suit individual needs and preferences.

Tip: Its always better to over compensate the lux level of a room and dim your lights back, then to have a finished room under illuminated.


Over the years Ocean Electrics has tested, serviced, re-wired, fitted and commissioned countless generators of all makes and sizes. We encourage our customers to go with the best, but as always, we work to suit the needs of our clients and are happy with work with you to get a generator system that suits you and your vessels needs.

Tip: Too small or too large means an overworked engine or wasted electricity. You never want a generator operating at less than 25% capacity and it is best to leave it beneath 75%. Get an estimate of the power your appliances consume and find a generator that’s right for the job.

Power Converters

Ocean Electrics are the preferred dealer in Queensland for Asea Power Systems. We supply, install and repair all models, shapes and sizes of Power Converters.

Battery Chargers

From stand alone 12v and 24v battery chargers to multi-bank inverter chargers with volt and amps monitoring systems, programmed with low and high voltage alarms, we do it all! We are happy to sit down with you and design the most effective and efficient charging system for your vessel, no matter how small or large.​

Tip: A good rule is to have enough amperage to equal the sum of the DC loads plus 10% of the total amp/hour capacity of the batteries.


Over the years we have installed and serviced a large variety of desalinators for both the marine industry and in private homes (on canal access properties).

We can set your system up to be put to bed for long periods of time and bring them back into service with the aim of keeping your system in pristine condition. We will even prepare a detailed servicing and maintenance schedule so as you can maintain the system yourself.