ASEA Poer Converters

ASEA Power Converters dual conversion is the preferred technique for high performance AC power conversion. This conversion technique is standard on every ASEA Power Systems' product. Utilizing this technology, the shore power service is isolated by transformers, then converted to DC (Direct Current) power by the PFC (Power Factor Corrected) Power Supply. Then high efficiency, high performance amplifiers (inverters) convert DC voltage to AC (Alternating Current) voltage. This dual conversion technique will produce various AC voltages at specified frequencies to form the correct power form required by the yacht and its loads. 

ASEA Power Systems' comprehensive line of Shore Power Converters has been designed specifically for the yachting industry. This careful attention to detail has produced a system capable of sustaining the harshest marine environment. Each model is packaged in a drip-proof, stainless steel enclosure with conformally coated printed circuit boards. All major components are modular in design, allowing a simple module exchange in the unlikely event of failure. Complete maintenance and service can be accomplished with front access only.

System operation is managed through three basic operators. A safety disconnect which provides for securing input service during maintenance and two sealed, waterproof, membrane switch groups which provide control over normal system operations. 

In addition to providing a high performance power conversion system, all units feature sophisticated power analysis and monitoring capabilities. All parameters associated with input and output power, along with operations and status information, are available on the front panel display console.

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