Ocean electrics has specialised in marine electrics since 1985. over this time our team of electrical fitter/michanics have gained invaluable experince, knowlage and expertise in there feilds.

In recent years we have been moving foward, broadening or socpe of work, and have started to take our years of super yacht experience and appling it to all other aspects of the electrical world.


Ocean electrics has the ablitiy to create stunnig liginting designs for whole room spaces, feature walls, sculpture illumiation even underwater lights. We are continously scouring new technology and designs to suit individual needs and preferences.

Tip: It's always better to over compensate the lux level of a room and dim your lights back, then to have a finished room under illuminated.

Wireless Smoke Alarm System

Sleep easy knowing you've done all you can to keep your family and property safe from fire by installing a wirless smoke alarm system today! No need to run any cabling through roofs or down walls, and have a control station placed anywhere in your house, with alam battery test, alam hush and alarm locate this is one of the most advanced home fire alarm systems and a great item for piece of mind.

Thermal Scanning

 Non-distructive thermal testing can be used to prevent seriouse human injury or loss of life, it can help in early detection of areas where fire or damage to electrical equipment are a high risk and probable.